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Professional Grower's Mix

Bag of Planting Mix Lightweight or pre-moistened. BACCTO® commercial grower mixes are where growing begins. Give your plants a solid headstart with BACCTO® commercial grower mixes, in your choice of pre-moistened Professional Planting Mixes or our lightweight Professional Grower's Mix. Either way, rest assured you're providing your plants the ultimate in growing environment.

All BACCTO professional peat products feature precise formulations, carefully screened and blended to ensure a high level of consistency, bag-to-bag. Both BACCTO lightweight and pre-moistened mixes feature our unique sphagnum peat, harvested from our own Michigan bog. And all combine our signature pH stability with a healthy balance between air porosity and water holding capacity. This provides the reliably consistent, quality growing environment you're looking for. And it's why BACCTO is where growing begins for the professional grower.

Mix Characteristics Include:

Bag of Planting Mix

Recommended Applications:


Features and Benefits:

Bag of Planting Mix