Seedling Propagation Mix

This pre-moistened blend is specially formulated for germinating seeds, growing plugs, and rooting cuttings. The mix gives young crops a healthy start, and provides for optimum growth even where water quality is poor.

Mix characteristics include:

Bag of Seedling Propagation Mix

  • Fine-screened, pH-stable, horticultural sphagnum peat and perlite
  • A carefully balanced low-level elements package and wetting agent
  • Highly buffered formula to protect against pH fluctuation (Available in 2 cu. ft. loose-filled bags)

Recommended Applications:

  • Seed starting
  • Cutting propagation

Mix composition:

  • Fine screened sphagnum peat
  • Medium-fine textured perlite
  • Lime package
  • Balanced blend of major and minor elements
  • Trace elements
  • Wetting agent

Features and Benefits:

  • High Demand for a stable, well-aerated medium with a good moisture reserve has stimulated the development of this blend. The physical requirements of a mix for seedling or propagating containers are much different from those for larger containers.
    Consider that a plug cell may hold from 1/30th to 1/80th of the medium that is held in a bedding flat cell. The moisture holding
    ability, nutrient stability, air porosity, resistance to compaction, and matrix stability all become 30 to 80 times more critical in the small plug cells.
  • Moisture Characteristics in the premoistened BACCTO Seedling/Propagating Mix can be described as very stable. The characteristics of the sphagnum peat selected for this mix provide a good supply of moisture at increased moisture deficits. This medium is not “at first too wet” and then “too dry,” but rather releases the moisture steadily at a level optimum to most seedlings and cuttings. This medium can be drenched either by misting, overhead watering, or sub-irrigation, and will drain to the proper moisture level within minutes. It will then hold sufficient water at the proper moisture level until the next watering. There is low loss due to excessive moisture release in this blend and water management can be much easier.
  • Seedling/Propagating Mix is pre-moistened and designed to fill the trays with very little compaction. Light compaction
    for seed replacement is acceptable, but excessive compaction will damage the aeration and drainage characteristics since it is already premoistened. Poor aeration and waterlogged conditions in excessively fine or compacted media will decrease germination and cause a physiological condition called “blindness” where the shoot tip of the seedling is damaged and side branching of seedling
    is forced.
  • Light Weight is essential in a seedling/propagating mix. The BACCTO Seedling/Propagating Mix is light in weight and is
    very easy to handle.