BACCTO is where growing begins.
At home and in the greenhouse.

Whether you’re a dedicated home gardener or a committed commercial grower, BACCTO is where real growing begins for you. All BACCTO premium soils, commercial grower mixes, and peat moss products are formulated with the richest sphagnum peat from our own Michigan bog, and are thoroughly screened and tested to be consistent from bag to bag. In the garden and throughout the community, you can always count on BACCTO to be a top performer.

Michigan Peat Products, producers of BACCTO growing media, come from our company owned bog located in the thumb of Michigan. As such, we are a proud product of the USA.

We harvest, we package, we double wrap and cap all pallets shipped to retail outlets throughout the United States. This brings an unparalleled consistency to all Michigan Peat products regardless of when or where you purchase the product from our host of authorized dealers. Top quality products are assured time and time again. After all, you spend time selecting the best plants available to plant, why would you want to settle for a less than top shelf growing medium.

Our goal is to assure that you have the best product available to grow the plant of your choice; be it breath taking flowers and plants or mouthwatering vegetables. We guarantee it!