Frequently Asked Questions

Which product would you recommend for growing vegetables in a pot?
BACCTO Professional Planting Mix is an excellent product for all vegetables. The mixture offers a horticultural peat, perlite, and a starter charge along with a pH adjustment. The nutrient charge is a liquid application that only lasts for about 2 weeks then the plants will have utilized the nutrients.
I am looking for a potting mix for planters on my front porch. I will have a variety of plants in each planter and was wondering which mix would allow me to have the healthiest plants?
BACCTO Premium Potting Mix is a balance of reed sedge peat, sand, slow release fertilizer, and is pH adjusted to promote optimum plant growth. The peat in the mixture allows for a water reserve for those warmer summer days and prevents your plants from drying out before you remember to water them.
I want to fill some hanging baskets with a mix and grow petunias. Which mix would benefit me the most?
BACCTO Lite Premium Potting Mix features Michigan’s Horticultural Peat, perlite, and slow release fertilizer. To complete the mix, it’s pH adjusted for optimum growth. The horticultural peat will allow the plant to thrive even during the summer without needing to be watered twice a day. The slow release fertilizer will keep your plants green and full of color for up to 5 months.
I would like to add some organic matter to my flower beds, and seed into the flowerbeds directly with some annual seeds this spring. What would you recommend using?
BACCTO Garden Soil is a mixture of Michigan Sphagnum and fully composted manure. The Sphagnum will allow you to directly seed into the bed and add the organic matter you need. The compost will help the seeds grow into healthy, established plants to enjoy through the warmer months.